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I live in upstate New York with my hubby of oh-so-many years.  Our family includes our daughter and son-in-law, and two of the sweetest granddaughters ever!  

I am the administrative assistant at my church, and absolutely adore my job, and am a published freelance writer.   When I'm not writing, I'm usually rubber stamping, cardmaking, and scrapbooking, doodling, reading, knitting, or spending time with my family.   Recently I've been dabbling in gardening.  

My paper crafts blog http://paperartscafe.blogspot.com , includes stamping and scrap booking techniques, and cardmaking.

My writing blog A Little Perspective - Living In Joy, Hope, and Grace features short pieces on finding joy and peace in the present moment.

I sell handmade cards, gifts, accessories, and wedding necessities at my Etsy site http://www.etsy.com/people/TatteredDaisy?ref=pr_profile .

I love coffee, latte, Skittles, ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia is my favorite), spaghetti, the colors pink, purple, and green, long walks, daisies, the season of autumn, opera, classical music, and rock & roll (50's & 60's style), socks (the funkier the better), logic puzzles, Sudoku, collecting matryoshka dolls and miniature tea cups and sugar/creamer sets, and playing games!

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    Farmers Market Shopping Tips

    4 years ago

    Farmers markets are popping up everywhere...parking lots, malls, community centers, and shopping centers. What's the big attraction? Find out what it's all about, and why people flock there every week. I've included...

  • 21

    Mr. Frosty - A Lesson In Faith

    5 years ago

    I was reading over some old articles I had written years ago. This is one that really jumped out at me, which I wrote when my daughter was just five years old. It's lesson is as vital to me now, as it was then. This is...

  • 6

    Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

    4 years ago

    A unique and well thought out gift will remind the newlyweds of your thoughtfulness and affection long after the wedding. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • 19

    Wedding Gift Etiquette

    4 years ago

    When you receive a wedding invitation in the mail, you are faced with a common and sometimes frustrating dilemma. The wedding gift!! What to get, how much to spend, and other etiquette issues are covered here.

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    Fix Up Your Home - Five Inexpensive Things You Can Do Now

    4 years ago

    Home improvement doesn't need to cost a fortune. A little elbow grease, an I can do it attitude, and some inexpensive supplies are all you need to transform your home.

  • 33

    The Joys of Being Organized

    9 months ago

    I love to organize. It's somewhere between the "getting organized" and "staying organized" that I seem to lose my way. Here are some pointers I've learned to help me stay organized.

  • 30

    How Adversity Makes You Strong

    5 years ago

    For someone who wants to "fix everybody's problems," learning to let them work through their adversities was a lesson I learned best from the butterfly.

  • 20

    A Clown Taught Me How To Smile

    6 years ago

    Smile to bring happiness to others, and you will receive joy and happiness.

  • 14

    To Do List, Shopping List, Grocery List - So Many Lists, So Little Time

    5 years ago

    Some people make lists. Their lists give them a sense of security and help them stay organized. Others thrive on chaos. I am somewhere between, trying to find my way!

  • 32

    How To Be A Blessing To Others

    9 months ago

    Blessings come when we reach out to others with kindness and compassion. Many people are hurting or lonely. Even a simple smile can brighten someone's day!

  • 15

    Write Your Story - Share Your Memoirs

    3 years ago

    Your memoirs are the greatest gift you can give your children, grandchildren, and family. You don't need to be a writer to get them down. Just tell the story.

  • 28

    Yarn, Knitting Needles, and Socks, Oh My! - Teach Yourself To Knit, I Did

    4 years ago

    My obsession with knitting started with a visit to my local yarn shop. I had never seen so many different textures, styles, colors and weights of yarn. It was exhilarating and hypnotic. To top it off, they offered sock...

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    Internet Technology - Baby Boomer Learns Computer

    6 years ago

    A baby boomer comes of (technological) age in today's world of podcasts, blogs, browsers and hyperlinks.

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    Gratitude Journal - Focus On Your Blessings

    5 years ago

    Keeping a gratitude journal will change your life, keep you positive, and calm stress.

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